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HARMAN Phoenix 200 is a brand-new ISO 200, C41 colour negative film and the first ever made entirely from emulsion to cassette at our Mobberley factory, a significant yet incredibly exciting milestone.High contrast and strong, visible grain are just some of its unique traits that help to produce characterful, unmistakeably analogue, results unlike any other colour film.With a DX coded cassette and a box speed of ISO 200, Phoenix can be rated between ISO 100 and 400 but performs best in good, consistent light. On brighter days or when shooting into the light there is also a possibility of halation.It delivers punchy, vibrant colours although they react differently to different scanners and settings. Getting the exposure right will certainly help to get the best results so we suggest metering for the mid tones to retain shadow or highlight detail (over or under exposure is not Phoenix’s friend)! Part of the fun of shooting film is expecting the unexpected and this film delivers exactly that from its uniquely coloured negatives to chance encounters with occasional coating anomalies. Hold back your expectations and enjoy the experience!Please note: HARMAN Phoenix is an experimental, limited-edition film and the first step on our colour journey. Making colour films is very different to black & white and while we have made good progress, we recognise we have a lot more to learn. Please embrace this film for all its quirks and differences. We’d love for you to be part of this journey and help to create the future colour films that you want to see by sharing your feedback.


Sales from this film will allow us to improve our formulations, coating capabilities and colour technology.


Harman Phoenix 200

SKU: Phoenix-200
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