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True cinefilm = best bang for your buck!
This film is a true 70mm Kodak Vision3 Motion Picture Film which also gets used in Hollywood on films like Oppenheimer, 2001 – A Space Odyssey, or simiar. It is cut to medium format photography format and respooled from the standard 400ft (122m) rolls for any 120 photography cameras in recycled film paper backing. Funny enough the current Portra400 emulsion evolved from Vision3 Motion Picture films so this will provide you with a similar quality as Portra 400 for a more affordable price! Learn more about this on my Instagram.


250D has an native ASA/ISO of 250 and is balanced for Daylight (5600K).

I'd recommend to overexpose film a bit though.

I will always provide you with a fresh cut of film which is always stored properly in the fridge! 


This needs to be developed in ECN-2 chemicals!

You can't develop this film with the standard C41 chemical process.

You can book ECN-2 processing here:

Reflx Lab 250D, 120 (Real ECN-2 70mm Kodak Vision3 250D (5207) ReSpooled Film)

SKU: Reflx120_250D
€ 16,50Price
VAT Included
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