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Choose this option for all 120 medium format color negative films that need to be developed with the ECN-2 motion picture film process. IMPORTANT: book your negative return separately here! Or order fresh film here – I'll ship your negs with the fresh film order then and you do not need to order the negative return separately!

Most of the time these are respooled films and you will need this option if there's a RemJet layer included. These films most of the times are also coming with keywords like "Vision3, 50D, 250D, 200T, 500T or ReflxLab". Chances are high if you have a film that comes with a description like that, that you need ECN-2 processing! 


You should be able to find the processing information on your film canister. But feel free to reach out to me anytime on Instagram or via email if you're not 100% sure and I'd be happy to help you out!

If you want to push or pull film please mark the film canister accordingly so that they get developed as they should (very important)! Also let me know here in the notes section, please. No matter how much you want to push your film – it is always free of charge (for push I would not recommend more than 1 stop because of technical reasons)!


ATTENTION: Photography respools only – I can't develop super8, 16mm or 400ft 35mm films at the moment!

Motion Picture Film Development (ECN-2), 120

PriceFrom € 8,49
VAT Included

Bulk Discount 8 Films

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