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True cinefilm = best bang for your buck!
This film is Kodak Vision3 Motion Picture Film which also gets used in Hollywood and other big bufget film productions. I respooled this very film from the standard 400ft (122m) rolls for photography cameras (36 exposures; around 1,6m) in recycled film canisters. Funny enough the current Portra400 emulsion evolved from Vision3 Motion Picture films so this will provide you with a similar quality as Portra 400 for less than half the price! Learn more about this on my Instagram.


250D has an native ASA/ISO of 250 and is balanced for Daylight (5600K).

DX-Code is rated at 200 though, since I'd recommend to overexpose film a bit and this way I can also recycle already available film canisters.

I will always provide you with a fresh cut of film which is always stored properly in the fridge! 


This needs to be developed in ECN-2 chemicals!

You can't develop this film with the standard C41 chemical process.

You can book ECN-2 processing here:

UNWIND 250D ~ Kodak Vision3 250D 5207 (ECN-2; ReSpooled Motion Picture Film)

PriceFrom € 9,00
VAT Included
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